What went on in 2016

2016 was an absolutely fantastic year at Cefn Ila with lots of lovely new additions to the site and events.

The new signs!

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We’ve added new interpretation to the arboretum, walled garden and hibernaculum.

The Walled Garden

This is an interactive sign giving you a sneak peak of what the walled garden may have looked like in it’s glory days. Look through the drawing and angle your vision to where the shelter is!

The ArboretumMaternity Hospital

Our very own artists impression of the old manor house that once stood in the arboretum. This picture was based on an old image dating from it’s maternity hospital years –


The Bat Hibernaculum

This lovely slate sign depicts the various different species of bats at the hibernaculum.


Still to come

We’ve still got some more signs and way-marking on the way so keep an eye out.



The New Tree Guards!


The wonderful cefn ila volunteers are currently putting the last few hand made tree guards into the orchard ready for us to plant our new apple and pear variety’s. Not only to these stop the sheep from pruning our new trees, but they are also lovely to look at!

If you ever need to get in touch with us, or would like to come and volunteer please email – Cefnila@woodlandtrust.org.uk or phone Megan Jones on 07887534972.





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