Local people get involved (and go batty…)

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came especially to see us last week at the Cefn Ila consultation events in Usk.

We had 29 people in total ranging from 3 years olds (they bought they’re parents too) to some more experienced visitors to Cefn Ila and local residents. These were two drop-in

Considering the bat roost options.

Considering the bat roost options. Photo by Mike Kilner.

events where anyone was welcome to pop along and chat about the exciting plans for Cefn Ila.

Many people came along to give their views and ideas and in particular we were asking for feedback on ideas to give the existing bat roost a bit of ‘va va voom’!  You may have noticed it as you walk at Cefn Ila near the site of the old house (now just a pile of rubble).  Although potentially ecologically important for the local lesser horseshoe bats, the building is often compared to a public toilet in terms of looks.  Certainly not what we want for Cefn Ila so the question is how can we make it more fitting for this fantastic location whilst retaining it’s important use and telling the story of the bats?  Our team and designers have come up with a few ideas and we asked people for their comments and ideas too. Have a look at the Bat mood board (PDF).

We had many wonderful comments and constructive suggestions as well as a few memories and leads to more historical information.  One example is George from the fantastic Usk Conservation volunteers who popped in and told us about his uncle who was a gardener at Cefn Ila for many years.

Whilst all this important talk was going on, our younger consultees were voting on bat IMG-20130813-02753roost options and making their very own lesser horseshoe bat to roost in their bedroom!

Thank you to Usk Museum of Rural Life and Usk Library for kindly hosting the consultation sessions.

If you missed one of the consultation events, don’t worry, there’s another chance to have input to the project via the online survey.  Click here to complete.

Written by Kate Measures, Cefn Ila Activity Plan Consultant (pictured in the badly fitting Woodland Trust polo shirt!).

A very colourful bat mask indeed.

A very colourful bat mask indeed. Photo by Mike Kilner.

Young consultees show off their handiwork!

Young consultees show off their handiwork!


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