Buzzing with natural activity

When I visited Cefn Ila on Tuesday I had expected to walk round their on my own.

Cefn Ila begins to brim with berries.

Cefn Ila begins to brim with berries.

I may have been the only person there but it was a hive of activity. Crickets chirping in the grass, insects buzzing away and birds calling out.

I’ve walked in a fair number of woods but this is the first time I have really noticed so much going on. I was surprised to see some berries out too add colour to the wood along with some wildflowers too.

Why not take a walk in Cefn Ila this week – we’d love to hear about what you see and your favourite walk route.

Written by Jane Craven, Woodland Trust Engagement Officer.

It looks like Cefn Ila is not the only one with an emerging bumper crop.  The Woodland Trust Nature’s Calendar project is predicting one across the UK as autumn unfolds.  Check out the neat UK blackberry ripening and elderberry ripening maps.

CI Blackberries Jane CCI Thistle Jane C


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